Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Progress photo

Sometimes we get down on ourselves because we feel like we haven't done enough. I see people in keto groups on Facebook saying "I've lost 40 pounds since Feb. 1." If I wasn't strong I would certainly feel like a failure. I am down roughly 20 pounds from when I started low carb. I weighed 198.2 Tuesday morning. I weighed 217.5 in October.
The day after this photo was taken, I saw the cardiologist. I weighed 218 on his scale.

I could get down on myself. I have "only" lost 20 pounds. Or I could look at this photo. I have lost 20 pounds and it's obvious. I am standing straighter, smiling, and looking happier.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start looking at the progress as forward movement. I am just as much talking to myself in that last statement as I am to you. Forward progress is forward progress.

I don't walk fast, nor do I eat perfectly every day. I had an egg biscuit for breakfast this morning. I weighed my choices and ate it. It was good. I haven't gotten one in 2 months. I was due. I have done well. I have made progress. I may be making slower progress than others because of the way I do things, but I am making progress.

The moral of the story is: Don't get down on yourself because you don't live up to other people's standards. You be you. Be happy with progress. Don't digress. Be a better version of yourself whenever possible.

Peace be with you.

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