Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What is right for me?

In many groups on Facebook and on SparkPeople I see the question, "What diet should I follow?" or something similar. Well, here's the answer everyone should be giving you "I don't know. _______ plan works for me, and I love it because ____________." This could conversely be answered with "I don't know, but ______ did not work for me (seems dangerous), because________."

Here's the thing, people are passionate about what works for them. Yesterday, I made the mistake of pointing out reasons that certain plans might not be right for everyone and drama ensued. I was subsequently removed from a group, but that's okay, every time I answer a question in that group, lately, someone takes my response wrong and gets pissy anyway.

Here's the thing. Keto eating can be great for any number of people. For some, like me, it is far to restrictive, and due to medical issues can actually be dangerous. Don't tell the die hard Keto people that, or you will be strung up and flogged. I do restrict my carbs, generally 40-50 these days, because since beginning my workout routine I am too tired to function at 20-30. Some days, shhhh don't tell, I do up to 100 net carbs. Yesterday I did 89. I did not die. I also work out almost every day. Even on my "rest" days, I try to be active and do some stretching. I have several apps I use, and I love them. Keto is not right for me. If you ask me what plan, and you are a low carb person, I am going to tell you what I think. I need to add the caveat "but that works for me" to every post.

Second, I do not like a diet that completely removes an entire food group. I am not fond of vegetarian or vegan diets. I am also not fond of a Ketoer who will NEVER eat a grain or potato again in his or her life. I think each food group has valuable nutrients and benefits. Heck, even dark chocolate and wine have antioxidants that are beneficial. Now, that chocolate cake should not be consumed on the regular, but a cupcake now and then can lift your spirits a bit. If you feel better, sometimes, you will do more to improve yourself.

We all know that I am doing a low carb diet. It is what is best for me. I am at a higher risk for diabetes and similar issues. Low carb high fat (LCHF) is the preferred diet for these conditions. Does that mean that everyone at a high risk or with these conditions "better" do LCHF?  Nope, you should do what works best for you. I talked about this a little a while back when I mentioned that your fat is not my fat. I do, however, think that it bears repeating. Every body is different in the way that it processes food.

Now, while I don't like certain diets, that does not mean that one cannot be healthy on them. I do know what certain foods contain higher amounts of things we need. Animal fat is more readily processed by our bodies and some of the oils and fats that are plant based are so refined and processed their benefits are greatly reduced, if not eliminated. That said, avocados (yuck) are a great source of plant fat. Proteins are also more easily obtained from animal products. Does that mean that the only proteins are in animal products? No! Many people skip dairy for many reasons. Just to name a few: cows milk is meant for baby cows, hormones in animal based dairy, and allergies. Does this mean someone dairy free cannot get the vitamin D and calcium they need from other places? Not at all. I am not a fan. I am also not the diet police. I have read, many times, that your body prefers nutrients from food sources and supplements lose some of their potency and need to be taken in higher amounts because of what the body eliminates. I am not fond of supplements unless you just can't seem to get the nutrients, even through a fairly balanced diet. I hear, also, that most Americans, at least, are magnesium deficient. I may get mine tested. I am going to start looking for foods higher in magnesium. I don't want to be deficient.

I don't have to like your diet, journey, or life. I do need to be respectful of your choices unless they are very obviously dangerous. If you tell me you are doing meth then driving your baby around, I might just have to step in. If you tell me you have cut all pink food out of your life, I will wonder how many foods you eat that are pink to start with, but if it works go for it.

After reading this, I want you to take one thing from it: Be respectful and kind of each other's life style. Peace and love.

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