Thursday, April 27, 2017

Who are you and what did you do with my couch potato?

I feel like my husband has to be asking me this in his mind. I have been a bit of an athlete in different areas of my life, but I have never been a runner/ walker. I walked for purpose. I did not walk for pleasure. I have never been interested in racing or any other running activity. As a matter of fact, until quite recently, I would laugh and say "If I am running, you should run too. Something is chasing me."

Now, I am proud of my movement. I want to get out and move. I am excited to run more. If you look back a few weeks, the coolest thing I had done was completing the first "run" on my c25k app. I have repeated that week a lot. I did try the second week, and went back to the first. BUT guess what??? I am getting faster. I am also able to run more of the sequences. The first week there are 8 sequences of running. My first week, I ran maybe one sequence. I would walk faster for the others. I started to say walk fast, but I am not fast. ***Full disclosure, I almost run a mile in the same time I did in high school. Of course Coach Neale would yell at me and tell me I was an embarrassment. I was sassy and snarky in high school and every time he yelled I would go slower to prove I did not care. I was "doing" the mile that he asked me to, so he couldn't really give me a lower grade. I was just not going to hustle. ***

I enjoyed dancing/ acro. Had he let me do cartwheels, front hand springs, and split leaps down the track, I might have actually finished faster. HAHAHA. I enjoyish running now. It still kicks my butt, but I am looking forward to each improvement. I am getting better. Just this week I ran a total of 5 of the 8 intervals. I ran run 1, most of 2, 4, 6, 8 and a little tiny bit of 3 and 5. Oh my! I am improving. No I am not good, but I am better. I have also shaved about 3 minutes off my beginning snails pace. I still only move about 3mph, but I am 3mph faster than I was two months ago! I don't care about split times, I care that I can do it.

My first 5k is Saturday! Wish me luck. Peace and happiness.

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