Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ugh! Damned Doctors Were Right!!!!!!!!!!

Let me walk you through a typical scenario for fat people at a doctor's appointment:
Doc: Hello, Mrs. Got to eat! What brings you in?
Mrs. Got to eat: Well, my ______ hurts. (you can insert darn near any body part here)
Doc: Well, I notice that you weight _____ amount. Now that is obese/ morbidly obese/ very overweight. You know, if you lose weight you will feel better. Just a 10 percent reduction in body weight can be very beneficial. You will feel so much better. Add in a little exercise. It's good for those joints/ muscles/ endorphins, etc.
Mrs. Got to eat:  Okay, I mean I will try, but how do I exercise when my _____ hurts?
Doc: Start slowly. Okay! Now, let's take a listen to your heart/ lungs/ check your blood pressure.
Mrs. Got to eat: Um, okay.
Doc: Blood pressure too high, heart rate too high. Hmmm. Yeah, we really need to get some of this weight off of you.
Mrs. Got to eat: Okay. I'll try ***leaves and cries***

This scenario has been played out multiple times with many different players. We fat people know the drill. The worst was when I was having kidney area pain and the urologist wouldn't run tests; he just said I was fat, and patted my belly. OMG REALLY DUDE????

I went to another urologist, and he said You didn't come in here walking on your kidney. It doesn't hurt because you're fat." And I appreciated him!

That said, many of those doctors were at least partially right. First, not that first urologist; he was a moron. But I do feel better when I eat better and exercise more. I especially learned this with the whole exercise more scenario. See, I have been exercising 5-6 days a week for a few weeks now. I have been a bit lax this week. Is that to say I have been completely lazy? No, but I haven't done as much as I should.

I noticed something today. I am more tired, have heartburn, and feel kind of blah. I am not sick, but I have not taken the care I need to with my body. I have not treated my body like I had been a week or two ago, and my body isn't happy. When I exercise more, I want to exercise more.

I also haven't planned this week's foods as well, so I have not done as well there either. There is a difference. I feel better when I move and when I eat well. Ugh! Damned doctors were right. I need to treat my body better and it will treat me better. Peace be with you.

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