Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recipe time!

Food, YUM.

I see people post questions all the time on Keto/ LC boards that ask "How do you make your egg salad?"

Here's how I make mine:
Warning! It is boring but I like it!!!

6-8 Eggs (I usually use 6 Large or Extra Large)
2T Mayo (I try to get mayo without sugar added)
1-2 t mustard

In my pressure cooker I place the eggs on the steamer basket with 1C of water in the pot. 5-6 minutes pressure and then quick release and remove to ice bath. Once eggs cool, peel and mash/ chop. Pressure cooking makes peeling a delight. Sometimes I use the food processor to mash/ chop the eggs. Once I get the eggs mashed into my desired chunk size, I add mayo and mustard and stir. I usually get 5-6 lunches out of a batch. I don't do more because no one else in my house will eat egg salad.

Lately I put a scoop on a lettuce leaf and roll it up. MMMMM tasty! Sometimes I eat it on a salad. Once in a while I will have actual bread. The horror!!!!

Happy eating.

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